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Featured Products

Description Price
PT112N Indoor PTZ Dome, 12X, Vandal Proof, True D/N, 24vac only. 7Oct2014 $703.50
ZCA-PMK Indoor Pendant Mount Kit (includes ZCA-PMA-Q & ZCA-IPA). 7Oct2014 $97.50
ZCA-PPTRA Roof Adapter for ZCA-PPT. 7Oct2014 $148.50
PT127N Indoor PTZ Dome, 27X, Vandal Proof, True D/N, 24vac only. 7Oct2014 $1,048.50
ZCA-WMK Indoor Wall Mount Kit (includes ZCA-IPA & ZCA-GT200). 7Oct2014 $157.50
ZC-PT336N-IR 36X IR PTZ, 550 TVL, 360 deg. Endless Pan/Tilt, WDR, IP68, 24vac. 7Oct2014 $3.00
HSS-H37-24 Height Strip Camera, 700TVL, w/ 3.7mm, Silver Housing, 24vac. 7Oct2014 $388.50
PT112N-XT Outdoor PTZ Dome,12X, Vandal Proof, Wall Bracket, True D/N, 24vac only. 7Oct2014 $943.50
ZCA-WMK1 Straight indoor wall mount kit (ZCA-IPA & GT100). 7Oct2014 $142.50
ZCA-CM3 Ceiling Mount Bracket for IR-PTZ Camera. 7Oct2014 $120.00
CAM-HS37 Accessory Color Camera for Height Strip, w/ 3.7mm Lens, 12vdc, 80mA. 7Oct2014 $178.50
PT127N-XT Outdoor PTZ Dome, 27X, w/Sunshield, Wall Bracket, True D/N, 24vac only. 7Oct2014 $1,198.50
ZCA-PMA-Q Outdoor Pendant Mount. 7Oct2014 $37.50
ZCA-CMA3 Corner Mount adaptor for IR-PTZ Camera (use with ZCA-CM3). 7Oct2014 $148.50
CAM-HS30 Accessory camera for Height Strip, 650 TVL, 3.0mm, 12vdc. 7Oct2014 $178.50
ZC-PT222N-XT Outdoor PTZ Dome, 22X, 480 TVL, 24vac only. 7Oct2014 $973.50
ZCA-GT100 Outdoor wall mount (straight). 7Oct2014 $88.50
LPC632 License Plate Recognition Camera 6' - 32', up to 35 mph, 24vdc/24vac. 7Oct2014 $847.50
ZC-PT236N-XT Outdoor PTZ Dome, 36X, 650 TVL, WDR day/night PTZ Dome. 7Oct2014 $1,498.50
ZCA-TB200 Indoor Flush Mount. 7Oct2014 $82.50
LPC1260 License Plate Recognition Camera, up to 60' & 35 mph, 24vdc/24vac. 7Oct2014 $802.50
SC101 Ganz 3 Axis Joystick PTZ Controller (Pelco P & D only). 7Oct2014 $343.50
ZCA-SB-5.4 5.4" Indoor smoked dome cover. 7Oct2014 $52.50
GBK-36W Gang Box Camera Kit, 690 TVL,WDR, 3.6mm, 3 faceplates & tinted/clear windows included.. 7Oct2014 $313.50
ZCA-SC201 Ganz 3 Axis Joystick PTZ Controller. 7Oct2014 $673.50
ZCA-SB-XT Outdoor smoked dome cover. 7Oct2014 $73.50
ZC-BNX8312NBA Ganz Value Series Outdoor IR Bullet, 600 TVL, 3.3-12mm, A/I, External Zoom and Focus. 7Oct2014 $298.50
HWB1-29A23 Pro Pak Camera Kit, Digital D/N. 540 Lines, Auto-Iris, HWB-1 w/ TG3Z2910FCS & YCB-08 (2.9-8.2mm DC A/I & hi-res Digital D/N cam.). 7Oct2014 $268.50
HWB2-28RA21 Pro Pak Camera Kit, True D/N. 700 Lines, Auto-Iris, HWB-2 w/ TG4Z2813FCS-IR & YCX-05N (2.8-12mm DC A/I & D/N cam.). 7Oct2014 $448.50
BCH-IR3.6N-II Ganz Value Series Outdoor IR Bullet Camera w/3.6mm Lens, 520 TVL, 24 LEDs, 12vdc. 7Oct2014 $88.50