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Featured Products

Description Price
1-61521-IR Ultra PE Body Tube, 3 mm FF, Infrared $0.00
1-60350-IR 6.5X UltraZoom, Coax, Infrared $0.00
1-60190A 6.5X UltraZoom, 12 mm FF, Aperture $1,256.85
1-61517-IR Ultra PE Body Tube, Non FF, Infrared $0.00
1-60350D 6.5X UltraZoom, Detent, Coax $1,063.80
1-60189-IR 1.0X Mini Adapter, Infrared $0.00
1-61456-IR Body Tube, Non FF, Infrared $0.00
1-60350AD 6.5X UltraZoom, Aperture, Detent, Coax $1,460.70
1-60185-IR 2.0X Non Inverting Right Angle Adapter, Infrared $0.00
1-6265A 6.5X Zoom, Aperture $1,034.10
1-61453-IR 0.67X Standard Adapter, Infrared $0.00
1-60350A 6.5X UltraZoom, Aperture, Coax $1,100.25
1-60172-IR 0.67X Non Inverting Right Angle Adapter, Infrared $0.00
1-62539 1.33X Right Angle Adapter $688.50
1-61450-IR 2.0X Standard Adapter, Infrared $0.00
1-60349-IR 6.5X UltraZoom, non FF, Infrared $0.00
1-60165-IR Non Inverting Right Angle Mount w/ Prism, Infrared $0.00
1-62510-IR Mitutoyo 5X NIR 0.14 NA & 37.5mm WD, Infrared $0.00
1-61449-IR Body Tube, 3 mm FF, Infrared $0.00
1-60349D-IR 6.5X UltraZoom, non FF, Dentent, Infrared $0.00
NMV-12M1 12mm F/1.4 1" Megapixel, manual focus and iris and locking screws $283.50
8-19106 DVC-340, 640 x 480 pixel Monochrome Camera $3,210.30
1-63218-IR 2X F-mount Adapter Tube for Right Angle, Infrared (Call for Pricing) $0.00
NMV-12 12mm F/1.4 2/3", manual focus and iris, with locking screws $120.15
8-15809 1/10 Beam Attenuator $309.15
1-63218 2X F-mount Adapter tube for Right Angle $400.95
NMV-100 100mm F/2.8 2/3", manual focus and iris, with locking screws $137.70
59 LGC 916 C-mount Invaritar base lens (55 mm long) $945.00
1-63102 DIC Zoom Module $3,501.90
HF75SA-1 75 mm Megapixel with manual focus, iris and locking screws, 1.8 f-stop $351.00