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Pelco Pedestal Mount, Medium Duty

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EM22/MM22 Mount
Ceiling/Pedestal/Wall Mount, Medium Duty, Enclosure
The EM22 and MM22 have been designed and engineered for use with various Pelco enclosures. The EM22 mounts to a wall or other vertical surface and features a cast-aluminum wall arm which minimizes undesired horizontal movement. The MM22 is a pedestal/ ceiling mount and can be mounted on any flat surface.
? Economical
? Indoor/Outdoor
? Supports up to 40 Pounds (18.14 kg)
? Sturdy Construction
? For Use with Medium Duty Enclosures
? Fully Adjustable Swivel Head
? Wall or Pedestal/Ceiling Mounting Applications
? EM22 can be Adapted for Pole Applications